Best Smelling Candles|Your Favorite Cake All day!

Best Smelling Candles|Your Favorite Cake All day! Wouldn't that be amazing? Slightly worrisome due to the fact you may be craving cake all day, but nothing smells better then the scent of fresh baked goods, so it may be worth it....


The best of both worlds... Life doesn't get any better.

Amongst generation Y,  funfetti is the most popular- the other term used for plain old sprinkles!

A dutch company - Gerard de Vries for Venz was the first to create these sprinkles, they were called hagelslag which translates to chocolate sprinkles. It was used on bread where they would spread butter on top so as to ensure the sprinkles would stick properly and they wouldn't lose too many along the way.

The Dutch way, smart and efficient and still used today.


The name derived from a resemblance to a weather occurrence in the netherlands during Autumn- hail storm. After much research Venz invented a machine that would produce these perfect cylinder shaped sprinkles.


It's been said that a candy shop decided to create sprinkles as well, chocolate ones, although they may not have carried any elements of real chocolate!!!

While the dates are fuzzy for both, we know that Venz continued to innovate with these sprinkles creating more flavors for all of us to try.

Popularity grew in the 90's where funfetti cakes and cupcakes exploded. Today, if you were to search for funfetti on pinterest, there are more recipes then you can make in a lifetime!



With our love for candles and cake, this just seems like the perfect fit!



What you need:

2 pint-sized (16oz) mason jars
Pre-waxed wicks (I got a pack of 6, with the attachment already on the ends)
Hot glue gun
Pencils, pens, or something similar to hold the wicks in place
2-3 tbsp water
1-2 tbsp corn syrup
A small paintbrush or cloth
1/2 cup rainbow jimmies (or similar colorful sprinkles)
1 lb soy wax flakes (or old candles if using smaller jars)
Cupcake scented wax cubes (Also found at Michael’s)
Measuring cup with spout


We now leave you in the expert hands of Beth to guide you through this amazing Funfetti Candle DIY as she did us.

Happy Cake Candle Making!

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