Fresh Lemon Juice and Lentil Soup

Originating in Lebanon, known as Adass bi-Hamod, (lemon and lentil soup) this recipe with hearty lentils is a soup that can be eaten as a meal. Full of delicious fresh vegetables and carrying an ingredient that we don't use so much, chard, it is one of our favorite recipes during winter.

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We remember as children we never really cared for soups that much, but the older we got, the heartier they were the more we enjoyed them. There's a lot more excitement in a "meaty soup" so to speak than a broth, especially when you're younger.

The Benefits? For vegetarians, lentils are a great replacement for meat. And for us Ladies, did you know that they help prevent certain cancers, including breast cancer? That's huge since 1 in 8 women will fight breast cancer in their lifetime. 


More lentils. Yep, we think so. To making changes before the new year begins! (Doesn't making small adjustments in your routine before New Year's make you feel like you are ahead of the game...:-)

The ingredients for this Fresh Lemon Juice and Lentil Soup, carry the freshest of produce, which is probably why we absolutely loved it when we made it. 


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Tasty and healthy, our Saturday afternoon plans have been finalized! Leave us your comments below to let us know how yours came out and if you made any tweaks on this recipe.



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