Hummus With Roasted Red Beets

In the spirit of breast cancer awareness month, where flaunting your pink is a must, we share with you a delicious middle eastern recipe. A dip that can be used for your ladies night evenings, as an appetizer and also as a reminder to all the women you love to go get screened! Early detection is key to fight this disease.


Beets are said to have an enormous amount of health benefits, some even say cancer fighting agents. Though an overload, can be detrimental to your liver, so careful. We all know that a high intake of vegetables and fruits are really good for us, but can they help reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases? Some say yes.

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Especially for women, beets are one to consider including into your diet. The nutritional value they carry consists of minerals, vitamins and other compounds that are said to contribute to the prevention of breast cancer.

The golden question... Why are they red? Betacyanin, which provides anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxification support.  

Beets have come into the category of being the new superfood, they boost your strength and stamina, stimulate your immune system, regulate blood pressure, even making your hair shiny, while giving you smoother skin and healthier nails and so much more. If we were to list them all, this post would be solely about beets.

Now that we know a few, all the more reason to start this recipe of hummus with roasted red beets!

If you've made hummus before than you'll notice the steps are somewhat similar besides the extra one added in for the beets.

Although, that extra step makes the end result not only look lovely in pink, but it's simple delicious! Let us know how yours came out and if you added any personal touches we should know about :-)


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