Patterned Napkin DIY

Not only is this Patterned Napkin DIY eco-friendly, but it's so simple to make and looks beautiful. With so many ways to put them to use, you can turn your boring ones into patterned ones with a little bit of patience.



It's been said that these table napkins we know today originated from the Spartans in Greece, but back than, they weren't using material napkins, they we were using small pieces of dough that cleaned their hands while kneading and rolling in-between their fingers and palm.

We think it's safe to say from 600 years ago, they have evolved dramatically.

King Louis XV of France was the first to introduce the formal dining we know today. With a proper place setting, utensils, and yes, cloth napkins.


At these dinners, the protocol was for the highest ranked member to unfold their napkin and the rest of the guest would follow suit.

As for folding napkins; in those days they took it very seriously and to a whole other level!


VersaillesFancyNapkin-foldThey also had their own set of protocols. For, If you were sitting at a Royal table and the pointed edge of the napkin was directed towards a monarch, it was a bad sign. The secret code to an assassination.

We think sub-consciously the next time we're setting the table, we'll make sure not to point. No royals, but protocol :-)

Oddly enough, in the 1770's all of sudden napkins were not used. We're not really sure why, but we do know that people started to use the end of table cloths to wipe their mouths. Naturally, that didn't sit too well with many and they were back shortly after.


Did you know that the phrase " to make ends meet" derived from the french and it had to with napkins not finances?!

Men used to tie a napkin around their ruffled shirts at dinner so they wouldn't dirty them.

Amazing what evolution does...


On the environmental aspect, we use over 13 billion pounds of paper towel every year, and that's just in the US, imagine elsewhere?

Sadly, the way they're made doesn't help as they don't carry enough fiber for them to be recyclable. The fact that we use them for cleaning or for wiping is also an issue as when they are wet they are no longer recyclable at all.

So, how about together, we use more cloth for cleaning and for pretty little nothings, we make our patterned napkin DIY!


Cloth napkins of your choice
Craft Foam with Adhesive back
Cork board - or anything to use as a base, foam core could work
Fabric Paint
Foam Brush

Click on link for the full DIY at Almost Makes Perfect. 

These are pretty close to perfection, we're thinking place mats too, what about about you?

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