Sesame Seed Tahini Pistachio Halva

Halva is a dessert that is known in many cultures, carrying a unique flavor that some may say is very sweet. Stemming from the middle east region, it is a delicacy that leaves our taste buds wanting more. It can be made with various ingredients from sunflower seeds to nuts and even lentils.

For us, it brings forth nostalgic feelings of childhood memories...


The word halva is derived from the term in Arabic, حلوى, which essentially means sweet. Ironically perfect! It's also known as helva, halvah, halava, halawa and many many others! It's usually served in the Middle East with an Arabic coffee, Kawah, which completes this dessert.


It's truly amazing to know that this dessert goes as far as Greece, to Serbia, India, Somalia, Russia and many other places. All made in their own unique way with various touches to fit their culture.

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It's a simple one to prepare and one that carries a lot of history, having been with us since the late 1800's. Once would say its' texture is condensed carrying a nutty tasty combined with a sweetness of sesame.


15 min to prepare and you have yourself a tray of sesame seed tahini pistachio halva, the recipe even uses Raw Honey... We're all in!

Mideats, will guide you the rest of the way through this deliciouos recipe. Be sure to skim through the rest of their recipes too as they have some must tries!







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