Ananasa's Seller Fees Policy

Seller Fees Policy


To Register, Launch and Add items to your Store

Get started on Ananasa completely free. Register for your account, add your store details and add its items. Then give us up to 24 hours to approve your store. Once that is done you are ready to sell your items and run your store. 


Sales Fee

Ananasa will charge 30% of the total sale price (shipping is not included in this percentage).

e.g. A $100 sale gives you $70 and Ananasa $30.


If you are an NGO and get approved by Ananasa, there will be NO charge of 30% of the total sale. We will only pass along any transaction fee charges from our third parties. Please contact us for the exact fees.


Currency Conversion

All fees and items on Ananasa are listed in US Dollars. Currency conversion is handled automatically by our payment processing services like PayPal, Innovate Payments and CashU.


How to get Paid

You are paid at the end of each month for all the complete sales you did in that month. A sale is considered complete (complete sale) seven days after your item is received by the buyer. Please note our monthly sales cycle ends on the 23rd of each month and payments are made on the 30th/31st of each month. You will be sent a statement at the end of each month detailing your sales and payments.


If the method of shipping used is not through our shipping partner we ask that you provide us with a tracking number or that the buyer confirms receipt of the item before your sale is considered complete.

Our shipping partners provide international shipping worldwide and domestic shipping  within the UAE only.


Fees FAQ

What happens if my account is inactive for the first 4 months?

If we see that you are not trying to improve your store, add new items and remove old ones, we will deactivate your account after the 4 month period. If you would like to keep your account active you can contact us with a reason as to why we should keep your store available on Ananasa.

Can I sell on Ananasa if I'm not in the Middle East?

Yes you can, but the seller would have to get their own shipping method. If we get a good amount of sellers in a country we will work on getting discounted shipping rates from our partners.


What currency are fees in?

All fees are in US dollars.



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