What Is Ananasa

Founded in 2011, Ananasa.com is an online marketplace that enables artisans, artists and designers in the Middle East to sell their creations worldwide with no barriers.

Ananasa.com started when two sisters wanted to expose the hidden beauty of the Middle East to the world.  Ananasa takes away the headaches of logistics, customer service & marketing so artisans can focus on creating their handmade items and individuals worldwide can buy unique items from the Middle East easily.

And that is why it's called Ananasa (اناناسة):

Ana: means "I" in Arabic

Nas: means "the people" in Arabic

A: adding an a at the end allows the word to become feminine, just like the co-founders.

" for the people, by the people"


And it doesn’t STOP… We love NGO’s who promote crafts in local communities. Read more about our CSR intiative here.


Shop Happy & Keep Smiling!

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